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LISTEN UP B.I.z !!!!!!   
05:39pm 27/08/2005
mood: bored
WouLd iT be BeauTiFuL oR
05:24pm 27/08/2005
+who is your best friend: I don't have one
+who do you like: My baybii ! and Italian boys ! and skater/surfer boys ! (:
+who is your mom: Jeanetter
+who owns your house: my mom
+who bouqht the clothes you're wearinq: me and my mom
+who is at your house: me and Nowlin
+who loves you: who doesn't is the question ! haha
+who said heyy to you today: I haven't really talked to anyone yet !
+who are you talkinq to riqht now: Chas
+who was your last kiss: Justin ..

+what town do you live in: covington
+what are your pet peeves: I HATe being touched .. and alot of others !
+what are you wearinq: cougars shorts and a black beater that says "Free Koyia"
+what do your teeth look like: a little gross .. but I'm going to the dentist next week
+what are you doinq in an hour: I'm not sure
+what is your middle name: Janele
+what is your deepest secret: I'm not telling you winches ! :)~
+what is your boyfriend's name: Justin
+what is your favorite thinq to do: eat and sleep !
+what are you sittinq on: a computer chair

+where are you riqht now:in tha livingroom
+where were you at 12 noon today: in bed :)
+where is your toothbrush: in a cup in the bathroom
+where do you sleep: in my bed
+where were you at 7 pm yesterday: in bed
+where are your parents: at work
+where did you put your bookbaq: on the couch
+where do you keep your socks: in a bin over the dryer
+when was your first kiss: in kindergarden
+when will you grow up: I'm not ready too and you can't make me !
+when are you going to call your friends: never .. they call ME
+when did you qet home last niqht: at like 2 ..
+when are you qoinq to stop takinq surveys: I <3 these things !
+when was the last time you had a fruit smoothie: I had a peach milkshake yesterday .. that count ?
+when are you qettinq married: I don't believe in the institution of marriage .. so I'd say NEVER

+why are you takinq this: cause
+why do fools fall in love: awwwh ! I don't know ! :(
+why am i weird: because !
+why are you weird: because I'm not like everyone else ?
+why are you wearinq what you're wearinq riqht now: cause I'm chyllan !
+why did you fail that test: I didn't .. I'm confident ! (:

+how do you know it's love: that's SOO hard to tell ~!
+how do you fix your hair: I didn't yet ..
+how many hours do you spend on the computer: 1 or 2 nowadays
+how many TV shows do you watch: like 13987524
+how did you find this survey: Kia
+how many people are livinq with you: 3
+how often do you say i love you: I try to alot ..
WouLd iT be BeauTiFuL oR
you guys suck !   
12:22pm 08/08/2005
mood: happy
it seems as if I'm the only one updating lately .. where's everybody at yooo ? (: ...anyways not too much lately ...but I do have to tell you about my last week ...

Tuesday, August 2nd- I went to Kings Dominion with Hope and Pine St. It was me, Des, and Ava .. we had fun ! .. we rode everything except for the hydro--thingy .. and outer limits .. Roller Coasters give me headaches .. and I'm SUCCCH a chicken ! LoL .. I screamed on EVERYTHING .. and I thought Ava was going to be the bad one .. and it was me ! .. haha .. but I like anything that has you falling so I liked the Drop Zone thing .. Ava and Des were SOO scared and I was singing and stuff .. haha .. it was funny though .. on the way back Ava and Des decided to move up and leave me in the back with Lil Phil and CJ .. but I had fun with those kids ! They tripped me out ! especially Lil Ronnie ! he's SOOO krayzii ! (:

Saturday, August 6th- I went to Staunton to see my baybii (: .. he came in for me last weekend so I couldn't say NO .. I finally found the exit after I had to back up on the highway ..in a one way lane and go to the emergency turn around .. cause I was trying to go to Richmond ! ..but I got there .. and we hung out all day ..doing nothing, like usual .. then we went to sleep and I woke up and headed home .. but on the way back it rained SOOOO hard ! .. it was bananers !!! .. everybody on the highway was going 25 mph .. it was just THAT bad .. I stopped in Lexington and Burger King and then came home .. and then Des called and asked me to pick her up from work so 5 minutes after I sat on the couch I was headed out again .. but this time in my mom's car .. went and got her at the hotel .. on the way home I ran over this BIIGG possum .. it was SOO sad .. I cried and everything .. all I can think about is how it's bone sounded as they were crushed beneath my tires .. :( .. and now I can't even eat meat because of it ! .. I'm traumatized for life now ! .. but anyways .. we stopped in Fincastle at this little car shop thingy .. and I found a car that I LOOOOOVEEE ! .. it's silver, with a sun-roof .. I forgot what it's called but it's kute ! (: .. it has 60,000 miles and it's only $3945 !! ..it's a 2003 and everything .. tommorrow me and mom's going to go look at it so keep your fingers crossed for me ! (: .. I'm going back to watching Unsolved Mysteries now ..

WouLd iT be BeauTiFuL oR
stole from brooke (:   
01:33am 04/08/2005
mood: content
* real name: Staci Janele Tate
* birthday: November 23rd 1987
* screen name: KrayZii BaBy 23 and JustALilJaDeD o6
* eye color: dark brown
* hair color: dark brown .. with a goldish tint in some areas (:
* natural hair color: dark brown
* height: 5'7" 1/4
* what is your secret guaranteed weeping movie? hmmm .. probably Titanic
* if you could have plastic surgery what would you have done? liposuction in my midsection
* do you have a completely irrational fear? grasshoppers and balloons ...there both pretty silly ..
* do you have a favorite horror film? Saw and Butterfly Effect .. they weren't scary, just good
* what is the little physical habit that gives away your insecure moment? hmm .. I'd have to think about that one ..
* are you a pyromaniac? not really
* do you have too many love interests? I have MANY Boos ! .. LoL .. jp .. only *one* (:
* do you know anyone famous? besides myself ? no
* describe your bed? pink and comfy ! (:
* do you know how to play poker? no
* what do you carry with you at all times? a purse .. my keys
* what do you miss most about not being little? crushes .. and the no-drama
* are you happy with your given name? yes
* how much money would it take to get you to give up the internet for a year? a bizunch !
* do you like and believe in yourself? sometimes
* do transient..homeless..or starving people bother you? yes, because I feel SOO bad I can't do anything about it ..
* do you consider yourself to be a nice person? usually !
* what's one thing you wish you can do but can't? stop liking LOSERS !
* what's your ideal marriage location? I'm not sure .. probably Gospel Tabernacle ! (:
* which musical instrument do you wish you could play? guitar
* favorite fabric? cotton
* do you tell your friends about your sex life? no.
* what's one language you want to learn? italian
* what do you order at a bar? nothing
* have you ever pierced your body parts? yea .. my bellybutton and my ears
* do you have tattoos? I have one
* do you drive stick? I wish someone would teach me !!!!
* what's one trait you hate in a person? lying
* what kind of watch(es) do you wear? i have a green and silver one i wear sometimes
* what do you cook the best? hmm .. probably french toast
* do you prefer to stand out or blend in? stand out
* if you won the lottery, what would you do? buy my dream car .. and beautifully furnished home .. maybe buy my mom and brothers a car too ..then I don't know ..
* what's one thing you're a sore loser at? EVERYTHING. I HATE losing !
* if you don't like a person..how do you show it?I don't usually ..or just give them dirty looks
* do you cry infront of friends? yes but I HATE it !!
* what kind of frist impression do you think you give to people? whooa she's a weirdo ! LoL .. I don't know !
* what's one thing you like to do alone? take a bath and that's about all .. I HATE being alone !
* are you a giver or taker? usually neither .. I'm stingy ..and I don't like taking from people
* when is the last time you cried? hmm .. maybe last night when I was listening to Butterfly ..
* favorite communication method? in person
* do you ever have to beg? sometimes
* have you ever done any illegal drugs? yes
* do you think you're cute? sometimes
* what's your favorite word at the moment? ohh my
* do you have problems changing clothes in front of friends? I don't like to because I'm fat ..
* what do you think is beautiful? people in love (:

* dress: shirt and pajama pants
* makeup: leftover eyeliner from earlier
* mood: happy (:
* music: nothing watching roseanne
* taste: Red Powerade
* hair: half up half down
* annoyance: I'm itchy !
* smell: nothing
* thing i ought to be doing: sleeping
* favorite artist: Brandy
* favorite group: Simple Plan
* cd(s) in the radio: my mp3 or slow motion
* color of toenails: purple
* worry: that I'll be a failure
* crush: my Justin (:
* favorite celebrity: Paul Wall <3

last person...
* you talked to: Shon
* you hugged: Erin
* instant messaged: Vicky
* you yelled at: Sammy
* you had a crush on: Justin (:
* who broke your heart: uhhh .. I just wanna get over that !

* food: junk
* drink: root beer
* color: yellow, pink, and black
* album: Fall Out Boy: From Under The Cork Tree
* shoes: my adidas
* chocolate: nestle crunch with caramel and hersey's cookies and cream ..
* animal: giraffes
* t.v. show: roseanne, golden girls, date my mom, steve harvey show, oprah, boy meets world, spongebob, that's so raven, girlfriends, the parkers
* dance: i don't know !!
* vegetable: carrots .. but not cooked
* fruit: pears and peaches

are you...
* understanding: yes
* open-minded: yes
* arrogant: no
* insecure: yes
* interesting: yes
* hungry: yes
* friendly: yes
* smart: when I wanna be
* moody: OH YES!
* childish: sometimes
* independent: yes
* hard working: yes
* organized: HECK NO !
* healthy: no
* emotionally stable: no
* shy: a little
* difficult: OH YEA!
* attractive: hmm
* bored easily: yes
* messy: yess :)
* thirsty: yess
* responsible: yes
* obsessed: sometimes .. with celebrities
* angry: sometimes
* sad: sometimes
* happy: yes
* trusting: yes
* ill: nope
* talkative: yes
* legal: no
* original: yea
* different: yea
* unique: yea
* ignored: sometimes
* reliable: usually
* content: rarely
* optimistic: about certain things
* deep thinker: yes very
* self-disciplined: no
* sleepy: a lil
* lonely: no

who do you want to..

* kill: no one right now
* get really drunk with: no one
* tickle: i dunnno?
* be like: nobody but Staci (:
* talk to: my baybiiiii ! (:
WouLd iT be BeauTiFuL oR
For The Record ...   
06:30pm 31/07/2005
mood: bored
Whitney Houston STILL rocks my socks ! ... and she will forever more ! (: ... not too much since last time .. Justin was off Friday and Saturday so he stayed down here so he could see me .. Friday we slept .. watched TV .. fought .. you know, the usual .. LoL .. after work Saturday we watched a movie .. Blade I think it was .. with 8-Ball and Jennifer ..good stuff .. he's leaving Monday for NY .. and I'll be sad ..but ANYWAYS ..I'm bored .. and I'm taking my braids out soon .. I guess I'll go spend a little money .. I need to get a up-up shirt for Kings Dominion ! ..but not white .. just incase I cant get my bathing suit top to stay down .. (: .. peace out nigeys !
<3 yaLL !
WouLd iT be BeauTiFuL oR
01:45am 28/07/2005
  Today was good. Of course, Justin woke me up this morning at about 8 or sooo .. make some pancakes, went back to bed .. got up and gave Shonda a perm .. went to work .. afterwards me and Veda went to Walmart and got me a bathing suit, talked to Justin for a minute .. and went swimming at Stacy's .. it was fun .. but now I'm pooed ! .. I'm going to Kings Dominion Tuesday too so I'm excited .. but I'm going to bed .. peace and love ((stole that from you ava .. LoL)) .. night night  
WouLd iT be BeauTiFuL oR
I'm Bored.   
11:42pm 25/07/2005
mood: bored
heyyy losers ! .. I'm bored, and I want you all to know that. not alot this way .. me and Justin OFFICIALLY date now .. it's great. I can tell he really likes me where as with the other guys I've been involved with it was like the "I guess if he's with me he likes me" feeling.. him and my mom talked tonight .. it was kinda funny .. he'll be back friday too .. and we're going on an actual date ((I think))..it should be cool .. I played in the rain and washed some clothes today ..went to Goodwill and got a pair of pants I can play around with .. as in designing them .. I think Ima get some rhinestones and cut them up .. they should be cute, and if they are I WILL wear them ..and Not care ! .. (: .. Shon came home Saturday at like 3 in the morning so me and Des stayed over there with her..went to bed at 6 .. Justin woke me up at 7..went over there and had breakfast with him, then we hung out until 9 .. came home and went to work until 4 .. so I had a total of *ONE* hour of sleep before I went to work .. and then right after work me, ryan, and Samantha went to Noke ..came back around 7 and I then went STRAIGHT to bed .. and didn't wake up until about 12 today .. it was krayzii .. and that was only because Justin called going off about someone who made him mad or something ..

ohhhh yea .. I opened a checking account today and I'm super pumped ! .. I feel REAL grown now .. it's the next best thing besides a credit card ! .. but I'm still getting one of those in *FOUR* months ! YAY ! (: .. Saturday me, mom and the bros X 2 are going to Noke for school/Staci Car shopping .. so that should be interesting .. I'll holller later though ! .. <3you TRUE guys ! (:
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10:32pm 20/07/2005
mood: depressed
uhhhhhh I'm bored .. and I miss my baybii .. he left this morning for Harrisonburg .. well, actually he was supposed to leave yesterday but he had to come back because one of the boys didn't show up .. but unfortunately he's here now .. so Justin's gone .. it sucks too .. buuuuuutttt on another note I was off today .. and very bored .. Walmart has a new self-checkout line now .. I was SOOOOO pumped up ! you just don't know ! .. (: .. Covington Virginia is moving on up in the world and things ! yesterday me and Ryan went to Noke to pick Des up from work .. then went to IHOP .. those funnel cakes they advertise on the TV are SOOO small in real life .. I was astounished ! .. I cant wait until next month so I can quit my job .. I hate working ! .. :( .. the only reason I don't go ahead and do it now is because I got alot of senior stuff coming up and I need to save money so I can help my mom out a little .. cause heaven knows I have expensive taste and I WILL NOT settle for anything less than what I want .. I'm spoiled .. what can I say ? :) .. and plus me, Des, Shon, and Ryan plan on spending a weekend in the Richmond area .. going to Kings Dominion .. ((or Bush Gardens .. I don't remember)) .. and going shopping and stuff .. so I'll need LOTTS of money for that .. I'm ready to go back to school and I want yall to know that ! .. this Senior thing is going to be fun .. I'll make sure of that .. and even though we don't have a principal or a vice .. and we might get some worse than Fuhrman and Spangler .. I'll have fun !.. ALLLLLLSSSSOOOO .. OMGosh I'm going to freak .. when Mareo told me things that disturbed me that one night, I didn't know it was going to be SOO soon .. like this weekend soon .. I don't know how I feel about it at this point and time. I'LL holler later though .. I'm bout to head out to Mickey Ds .. <3yaLL !!
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KFC B*tches ..   
02:43am 16/07/2005
mood: awake
Me + Veda + Ashley + Nikki = THE KFC B*tches ! .. AINT NO CLIQUE LIKE THE ONE I'M WITHHHH ! .. LoL .. yall aint ready ! .. anyways today was good .. I went and spent time with Justin .. when I had talked to him before I came over there he was all "I need to talk to you about something" .. and I thought it was like bad .. but it really wasn't .. that's what he gets ! :)~ .. he's leaving Monday .. that's in 2 days .. I'm REALLY starting to hate that idea now .. at first I was like "I'll get over it" .. but I'm not too sure it'll be that easy anymore .. and I don't like it ONE bit. Anyways .. after work me, Ashley Keyser, Loveda, Nikki, and Heather went "50 deep" looking for one of Nikki's boy things .. Ashley was all chasing her around town and she was gone .. it was fun though ! .. they're krayzii chiqz! .. Got to hang out with Amb and Danielle yesterday which was fun .. I LOOOOVE my hos ! .. (: .. then me and Veda went to Walmart to wait in the Harry Potter line .. I can't believe people actually came out at MIDNIGHT to buy a freakin Harry Potter book ! I sware ! .. Brittany was there too so we talked to her .. thanks to CERTAIN HOS, I can't talk to Justin anymore while he's at work so he just stared at me .. and I stared back .. (: .. bought a CUTE little flipflop bellybutton ring ..tomorrow Justin's going to Noke cause he's off and I have to close ..YAYYYYY !! ((siiiiike!!)) .. I'm thinkin about just quittin my job and takin time off to look for another one..instead of quittin at Wendys ONLY because I had another job.. I miss Wendys ! .. and I wanna go back ! :( ...but the next job I'll have will NOT be in fastfood .. and that's a PROMISE ! .. but I'm out yall ! P3AC3 ! ((YA HURD ME!!..LoL .. I've been around them Louisianna boys for TOOO long !))
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:) .... :(   
02:15am 12/07/2005
mood: contemplative
Heyyy ! I know I haven't been on in a while but I'm too busy being stuck back up Tays butt .. she's home .. I'm happy. Been hanging out with Justin EVERYDAY. GOOODDD I'm going to miss the kid when he goes .. he's always saying how he's coming back for me and how he's going to miss me. He makes me feel really comfortable. I'm going to miss that. I want him to come back but I know he's not. They're going to Harrisonburg on Monday .. everyday he's off he's "supposed" to be coming down here ..I mean I believe that part but when he goes back to Louisianna I know he won't be back and it sucks.

Me and Mom are NOT on good terms. I REALLY want to move out but she told me if I did she'd have the police come and get me. I have 4 months until I'm 18 and then I'm out. I MIGHT invite her to my graduation and I MIGHT not. she sucks and I don't like her ONE bit.

Mareo said some things about a certain person that disturbed me tonight .. Truthful things .. but hurtful things once I sit and really think about it. I hate boys. If he comes back how am I going to mess with his friend ? How am I going to be able to come outside knowing that I might have to see them together ? "He's not worried about you anymore, why are you still worried about him ?" ..that what he said .. I mean it's the truth, but it hurts. Is it because there are still feelings there ? There will ALWAYS be some kind of feelings. But not those kind. I just don't know anymore ! .. I'm confused .. and I'm about to go cry about it, I'll feel much better ! (;

I'm supposed to be going to Noke Thursday .. up in Mike's hood .. I just want to go over there in front of him and talk about Justin .. it'll be funny.

I'm going to listen to some sad music, cry .. and then watch Madea and laugh a little. <3 yaLL !

it's like I HATE to LOVE you,
a charade we play, time after time ..
It's like I LOVE to see me confused and a mess
I'm loosing my mind ..
I gotta get away,
cause you're making me weak,
it's keepin my trapped
I gotta be a FOOL, sitting here
trying to get that old thing back.

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boooooored !   
03:20am 04/07/2005
mood: sleepy
1. Staci
2. Stace
3. Janele

1. B2KHuNniE 06
2. DaFreaKiNmE06
3. IBBowWowsWifey

1. my eyes
2. my personality
3. my lips

1. my sensitivity
2. being shy
3. my forehead !

1. African American
2. Caucasian American
3. Indian (American and New England)

1. balloons
2. being alone
3. grasshoppers

1. music
2. Food
3. sleep

1. white tee
2. sweatpants
3. hairbow (:

1. simple plan
2. hawthorne heights
3. yellowcard

1. so seductive- tony yayo
2. helena- my chemical romance
3. make her feel- teairra mari

1. get a car
2. do well in school
3. enjoy my senior year !

1. honesty
2. friendship
3. comfort

1. I'm bipolar (:
2. my room is a "hot mess" LoL justin n cory !
3. EVERYTHING in life is wonderful

1. lips
2. smile
3. eyes

1. go to sleep
2. fight the music ! Whoo ! LOL
3. go to work tomorrow ! (I don't wanna!!)

1. sleeping
2. eating
3. hangin with the peepz !

1. I'll keep this one to myself ! LoL 0:)
2. watch a movie
3. talk to justin

1. obstetrics nursing
2. homicide detective
3. publicist/TV personality/Something in entertainment !

1. The Beach !
2. florida
3. hawaii

1. DeLainie Nevae'
2. Zavien Juelz
3. Sa'Merra Charai

1. bungee jump
2. sky dive
3. become famous ! (:

1. your momma
2. satan
3. jiggaman ! (:
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F*** the F***iN PoLiCe !!!!!!!   
02:11am 03/07/2005
mood: angry
Make me wanna cuss .. well one of them did. Let me tell you .. I wake up at 7:30 to go to noke and get my hair done .. get pulled over half a street away from megeo .. I got 1 ticket for going 75 in a 60 zone .. and 1 ticket because my inspection sticker was expired .. I laughed at those two .. cause I was like "that's what I get" .. funny funny .. that's two tickets so far ..well on my way home..coming through clifton they have a sobriety check and I get pulled over AGAIN ..they asked all kinds of questions and didn't explain any of them .. take my license and registration AGAIN and give me 1 ticket for not wearing my seatbelt and one ticket for having the license plate in the window .. soo I'm sitting there pissed as heck .. having a flippin fit .. explainin to the officer how I'd already gotten two tickets in Roanoke and that's why I was coming home and he STILL gives me two more .. and while he's trying to explain everything I had already heard earlier I say "I heard this sh*t earlier" and pulled off .. I'm surprised he didn't come after me .. and I'm not even sure I got my license and registration back from him ! ...but yea .. I got a total of 4 tickets today ! .. worst day ever.

The Good Part-- I finally talked to Justin ! .. he's really cool ! .. he's really blunt though((which he admitted before we started conversating)) and I'm sensitive buttt ..we talked for like 3 or 4 hours and then my cellphone died .. I think he thinks I hung up on him which is probably why he hasn't called me back yet .. but I didn't .. I tried calling him but at the hotel I needed to know his construction company name, which I didn't soooo .. after 12 hours of getting my hair done .. (9 am - 9 pm) I got to Rave .. right before it was closing and got the shirts and belt that I wanted .. me and Justin are going to hang out on the 4th after I get off from work ((I close)) so I wanna look hott .. LoL .. (: his friend Cory's cool too ! we're alot alike which is why we get along. but anyways Ima go and hope Justin decides to call back .. even if it's just to fry me for hanging up or something ! .. (: ..

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huhhhhh yo !   
12:46am 02/07/2005
mood: annoyed
I'm sitting here P.O. ed because flippin Justin called me yesterday at like 2 when I was sleep and I thought he was saying Justice so I told him I was sleep and hung up !! HUHHHHH ! I'm SOOOO dumb sometimes ! .. he also called like 5 this mornin AFTER I had already taken my sleepin pill so I was drowsy and just ignored it .. I thought it was Justice again .. cause I'm usually up. I guess I'll have to go in Wally World tomorrow and talk to him .. this time I won't be scared knowin that he actually did call me. Anyways .. I'm gettin up at 7:30 tomorrow so I can have a half hour to find the hair place .. Ka'Shay n Jacqueline going .. if they're up .. Jasmine wants to but their really aint no room for her AND Bianca .. afterwards I'm going to the mall to get some new clothes .. well at least an outfit or two .. today I went over there with Fee, Danielle and Brittany .. the only thing I got was a "Hawthorne Heights--Ohio is for Lovers" shirt .. I'm excited though cause now I can wear my red sequin belt with it ! yayy ! .. I'm out though ! .. HOOLLLLLLLER ! <3 yaLL !
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heyyyyyyyyyy ...   
03:44am 29/06/2005
mood: awake
yes yes .. I know it's 3:45 in the morning and I'm still up .. straight up chyllan at Tays ! .. me and Ka'Shay stayed over here tonight .. nothing really happened today .. went out to eat with KaShay, Shamik, Jas and Jacqueline .. filled out an application at Food Lion .. hopefully I'll get that job because I'm SOOOO tired of Long Johns ! .. It's too stressful for me ! .. went to Walmart around 12 so see Justin .. and ohh myy .. Ryan and Ka'Shay LITERALLY MADE ME talk to him .. he was all "you gon get my number or what?" .. and then he was like "I don't know it...look it up in the phone book" .. so I just ended up giving him my number .. what if he calls ? what am I going to say ? Ughhh ! .. I'm SOO shy and I hate it ! .. it took my what ... 15-20 minutes to even go over there where he was .. and I said a total of 5 words to him ! .. ohhh well .. maybe God will bless me with some balls one day .. he's from Louisiana .. I know that much .. and his friends say he looks like Paul Wall .. he doesn't .. but he DOES look like Josh Ritchie .. but an older cuter version .. hmmmm .. who knows .. Tay was asking me what if me and *him* started talking .. well I guess I'd just have to drop Justin ! .. *he's* going to be here .. Justin's not in a month or two ! .. I went up to Jordan's party the night before last and Ryan went in and talked to *him* and he was all "tell her to come in here and talk to me, it's a party" .. but I got chicken and ended up standing there looking dumb .. ohhh well .. maybe next time .. I really need to shed my "Shy Card" .. cause I'm bout to go to college in a few and I'll never make any friends .. or get a little boyfriend there the way I'm going ! ....but I'm OuT NoW .. Ka'Shay done went to BeD and Tays oN the phone .. OF COURSE !!

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Stole this from Charity ! (:   
02:52pm 27/06/2005
You scored as Popular Bitch.


Popular Bitch






Nerdy Girl


Athletic Tomboy




Preppy Girl




What type of girl are you?!!
created with QuizFarm.com
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iT's True ..   
07:31pm 22/06/2005
mood: hopeful
CHECK IT WINCHES ! I gotta new s/n .. JustALilJaDeD o6 .. ((that o iz NOT a zero!)). AdD mE to ur BL RIGHHHHT NOW ! (:

Yes yEs, I have a crush. his name ? Ohhh Im not telling. if you ask I might.

I feel like liking him is wrong. I feel like I'm about to get hurt once again.

I feel like I NEED to protect my feelings. I'm SOOO sensitive. I'm SOO in Like ! (:

Staying at Tay Tays tonight .. she doesn't like staying by herself .. I wouldn't either though ! I'll holler later ! <3yaLL !
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HeRe GoEs ANOTHA oNe ! (;   
12:40am 22/06/2005
mood: accomplished
The basics--

1)Name? Staci

2)Birthday age? November 23rd -- 17 and 7 months ! (:

3) sign? Sagittarius <3

4)sex? Girl

5)food? fast

6)color? black. yellow. and pink

7)actor? Will Smith Martin. Lawrence.

8) movie? Saw. Friday. Napolean Dynamite. Baby Boy.

9) singer/band? BRANDY. Simple Plan. My Chemical Romance. The Used. + more !

10) song and why? Helena- My Chemical Romance. Back Then- Mike Jones. Incomplete- Backstreet boys. She's No You- Jesse McCarthy. .. I have NO clue why !

11)store and why? Gadzooks was ;( .. probably Hollister or Rugged Wearhouse or something ! ??

12)sport or activity? I don't know

13)smoke/d? and what? yes (have before). Cigarettes and Weed

14) drink and what? I have. Alot of different stuff !

15) kids? no.

16) piercing? 9 in my ears. bellybutton. tongue. and nose

17) your bases? what ??

** the inside you------- be detailed!*only have to do 3***

18) Abortion? it should NEVER be an option .. under ANY circumstance ! ..There's a reason why God let things happen the way they do !

19) war? absolutely unneccessary ..

20) homosexuality? Only God Can Judge

21) urban sprawl? what is that ?

22) genetic engineering? People should stop trying to play God.

23) uniforms in schools? HECKKK NO .. that is a TOTAL violation of your freedom of expression..and it prohibits indivuality which should be a sin !!

24)Hollister or American eagle? Hollister

25)prep, punk, ghetto, Goth? punk-ghetto-prep..just not goth

26) Hilary duff or Lindsay Lohan? Lindsay Lohan

27) Britney or Christina? Britney

28) Usher or Justin Timberlake? Justin Timberlake

29) fat or skinny? skinny

30) winter or summer? depends

2. Location: The Beach <3

Favorites ... .

Favorite "Mean Girls" Character: I don't remember all of their names !

Favorite "Mean Girls" Quote: I don't know !

Dislikes ..

1. Least Favorite Color: Red

2. Least Favorite Singer/Band: Heavy Metal

3. Least Favorite Movie: I'm not sure !

4. Least Favorite Actor: ??

5. Least Favorite Actress: who knows

6. Least Favorite"Mean Girls" Character: I don't remember ! the blonde one I think ?

This or That .. pepsi or coke? coke

makeup or not? Make-Up

pink or red? Pink

Gretchen or Regina? who are they ?

lipstick or lipgloss? lipgloss

fetch or plastic? what's fetch ?

can you ...

make banners?: no

make icons ?: No

a mean girls layout?: Nope

how do you feel about…

Xtina : Cool

Britney Spears: she's silly.

Avril: She's Cool!

Regina: I don't know !

Bush: he sucks !!!

Kerry: he's not a WHOLE lot better !

Paris Hilton: she is NOT all that !

Mariah Carey: I <3 the OLD her .. she just thinks she's too good now ! but at least she's admitting she's black now ! ( ;


Ashlee Simpson: sHe RoCks My SocKs !

Jessica simpson: awWh She's GreaT

Good charlotte: <3 TheM ! ESPECIALLY JOEL !! MARRY ME BAYBIIIIII !!! (:

Simple Plan: if you Don'T know I LOOOOVE Simple Plan .. then you don't know me !
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AwWwh .. My Babies !   
03:39pm 21/06/2005
mood: apathetic

my little brothers aren't little anymore and it hurts my feelings .. badly .. );

but I have to go to work before I cry again or something ! HOLLLA!
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dshajkr4u302jmvsal ..   
02:29am 20/06/2005
mood: recumbent
yea yea yea ... I decided to make my journal public again because honestly I have NOTHING to hide .. I could careless what any of you think .. kiss my butt ! .. straight up gangster style ! LoL .. anyways everything is going okay .. Ka'Shays here .. hopefully I'll get to go back to VA Beach with her in July for the Destinys CHild concert ..but I'm going to bed .. holller dollller


P.S.S. Koyia and Tay KISS MY BUTTTTTTT and go stroke a pole ! LoL ! (:
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12:49am 15/06/2005
mood: crazy

Name: Staci Janele Tate
Birth date: November 23rd 1987

Current Location: Covington ,Virginia.

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: dark brown with some goldish highlites

--Dyed or Natural: natural right now ..a couple of highlites left over ..
--Curly or Straight: straight .. curly like 5 times a year or something ..
Right- or Left-handed: Right-handed
Tan or Pale: I'm black so I'm naturally tan ! (: ..extra extra tan .. haha ..

Jeans or Skirt: depends .. usually skirts though

Country, Rap, or Rock: I <3 it all ! (:
Car: mitsubishi (sp?) mirage .. I HATE that thing ! .. new one SOON hopefully ! (:


Your heritage: African American, Caucasian American, Aleut and Cherokee Indian, Irish, Scottish .. and probably more that I don't know about ! (:

Shoes you wore today: my black converses <3

Your weakness(es): dimples .. pretty smiles .. blue eyes ..

Your perfect pizza: meatlovers MINUS the ham

Favorite color: black..yellow..pink
Favorite place: The Beach
Goal you'd like to achieve: I have so many..


Your most overused phrase(s): seriously ? .. and a bunch of other ones
Your thoughts first waking up: most of the time .. "I wanna sleep forever"
Your best physical feature(s): my rockhard 6 pack .. LoL .. jp .. I don't know !
Your bedtime: Whenever I feel like it
Your most missed memory: I have many ..


Pepsi or Coke: Coke

McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
Single or group dates: group .. I'm really quite shy around guys
Adidas or Nike: adidas

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton Ice Tea
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla

Cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino


Smoke: when I'm REALLY stressed ..
Cuss: no
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: pshhhhh..
Take a shower: duh ?
Have a crush(es): some may call it that
Want to get married: I don't believe in marriage
Believe in yourself: sometimes
Believe in God: yes
Believe in your government: siiiiiiike
Get motion sickness: no
Think you're a health freak: no .. I try to be sometimes but it never works out !
Get along with your parents: every once in a while
Like thunderstorms: no


Drank alcohol: no
Gone on a date: no
Gone to the mall: yes
been on stage: yes
eaten an entire box of Oreos: no
Eaten sushi: no
Been dumped: hmmm..interesting question
Gone skating: no
Gone skinny dipping: no
Stolen anything: maybe some change from my mom ..


Played a game that required removal of clothing: yea
Been caught "doing something": uhhh .. no ..
Gotten beaten up: no


Age you hope to be married: why would I do a dumb thing like get married ? so I can become another statistic and get divorced ? I DON'T THINK SOOO ..
Number of Children: at most 2 or 3
Describe your dream wedding: who knows

What do you want to be when you grow up: Obstetrics Nurse


Best eye color?: blue and brown

Best hair color?: Dark hair

Short or long hair: depends on who we're talking about

Best first date location: the zoo ! Gosh I would LOOOVE it !

Best first kiss location: anywhere special


Number of people I could trust with my life: good question
Number of CD's: lotts and lotts
Number of piercings: 12
Number of tattoos: one
Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper: a bunch
Number of scars on my body: SoOoo many !
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