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No MaTteR wHaT maY coMe my WaY

..My LiFe iS iN yOur HaNdS ..

*Stai Jay
23 November
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Let's seee here .... My name is Staci .. I'm 17. I'm a Sagittarius. I Love Jesus ! My Church rocks my socks off. I Love my boyfriend. I have MANY MANY belts and purses. I <3 Fashion. Punk Rock is my thing. I LOVE Italians. Growing Up Gotti gets me all hot and bothered. Carmine Gotti is MY hotti. I should've been born rich. I <3 Hip Hop. Me and Paul Wall are to be married VERy soon. Golden Girls is the best show ever made. I'm currently a Senior at Covington High School, Home of the Cougars. I Love anything that has guitars, cherries or kisses on it. I write poetry and even songs. I'm VERY dramatic. My favorite colors are yellow, black and pink. I sing a whole lot. I Love guys with lip rings.

Wanna know anything else ... ASK ME ! (:

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